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For many businesses and organizations, website offerings tend to be either too simple or too complex. With Torrch Local, we believe we’ve found the perfect middle-ground, providing you with a fully-functional, customizable website that comes with an affordable price tag.

Not only do we build out the site, but we take care of hosting, support, updates, security, and more! With Torrch Local, it’s never been easier to have the website you’ve always wanted.

Custom Branding

Your website should be unique to you. We provide a library of exclusive, mobile friendly site layouts to get things started. From there, we can customize colors, fonts, images, content areas, and more to match your brand.

Premium Hosting

All Torrch Local website automatically include hosting, ensuring your website remains up and running as it should be. Our hosting services come with free SSL encryption, security updates,  and plenty of storage space.

Easy Onboarding

Building out a website can be an exhausting process. We’ve worked very hard to simplify it as much as possible. Once you’ve filled out a basic intake form, you’ll have a dedicated project manager guiding you through the entire process.


Sometimes, people need their website to do a little something extra. We can utilize a number of preapproved extensions to expand your site’s capabilities as needed*.


Every website needs a little post-launch love. Whether it’s content changes, plugin updates, or something else, our support team is here to provide for your needs.

Back End Access

Some people prefer to never touch their websites. Others want to keep their website active. While we can handle page adjustments and site updates, we’re happy to provide you with access for blog posting and similar activities.

*Depending on licensing and additional labor, plugin integration may include an additional cost.

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