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* Average task completion time for support ticket completion is about two business days. Each ticket submitted must take no longer than 30 mins to complete.


Setup Fee

This one time fee will be added so that our team can setup the framework of your website and provide an onboarding service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love the opportunity to host your wordpress website. Before taking on the responsibility of hosting, our team will need to take a look at the backend of the website in order to make sure things are healthy and that our servers can support your hosting needs.

During the build phase, Torrch will populate the website with smart content. This is AI-generated content that is good enough to use, but maybe not as detailed as the content provided by you. If you would like to provide more detailed content you can send us a content updating ticket to make that change.

Yes, we offer editor-level backend access. With this, you are able to sign in and make edits yourself if you wish.

If there is a website out there that you like, we will custom-build a template that looks similar.

If you would like to add other systems to the website, you can do so through 3rd party embed codes. Let’s say you want to manage a calendar or sell online products, you can set that up outside of the website and then provide us an embed code that displays content on the website. This is then managed by you on that 3rd party system.

Support tasks cover a wide genre of tasks. This can be as simple as swapping an image, changing some text, or adding a new page. On the more complicated side of things, we can do tasks like adding a new form or adding a plugin. The two main things to consider are, does the task take place on the website and does it takes 30 minutes or less.

If you are ever not sure if a task counts as a support task, just ask and we will be happy to look into it and let you know! 

If we think we are able to complete a ticket in 30 minutes, but it turns out to take longer, we will complete the task and document the time in our system. If that type of task repeatedly takes longer than 30 minutes to complete, then we will contact you and let you know that we can no longer support those types of requests.

There are a large number of tasks that fit this criteria, including things like blog posts, staff bios, event listings, images, text, buttons, and posting videos. Depending on the system setup, this could also include things like forms or editing product images, descriptions, and listed prices. If you have any specific tasks in mind, feel free to reach out and ask!

Most things that would not be covered under support tasks are tickets that will take longer than 30 minutes. Examples of things like this are adding new big pages, it is common for adding plugins to take longer than 30 minutes but this would be plugin-specific, big forms or forms with conditional logic, redesigns, and things of this nature. 

If you are ever not sure if a task counts as a support task, just ask and we will be happy to look into it and let you know! If a task is too big for support, then we can offer a quote to get the work done. 

Need More?

If you have a website project that may be a bit more complex and require custom development, we’d love to hear about it!  Leave your email below and we’ll get back to asap.

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