About Torrch

Torrch is a Minneapolis-based company that offers a variety of web-based tools and services designed to help churches, non-profits, and small-to-medium size businesses. This includes the Torrch platform, web design, website management & support, custom development, and more.

We exist to help connect communities and make a positive impact both locally and globally. Here’s how we’re doing that. 

Who We Are

We are a team of creatives, designers, developers, and strategists who want to make a difference both locally and globally. Through the Torrch platform, as well as our design and development services, we work to help churches, non-profits, small-businesses, and believers connect and grow. 

What We've Done

The team behind Torrch has spent the past decade or more designing custom websites, building web and mobile apps, executing digital strategies, and more. Our portfolio is made up of dozens of highly custom projects, hundreds of websites, thousands of designs, and much more!

Why We Do It

Torrch exists to advance the Kingdom of God by helping people connect and businesses grow. We want to make it easy for fellow Christians to connect with each other, as well as non-believers. We create tools that allow them to use their God-given gifts to their fullest.

At the end of the day, we want to be a light to the world, guiding the way for others while glorifying our Father in Heaven.

Join the Torchable Community

Torchable is set for release in late 2022. If you would like us to update you as we approach the release into the apple and android stores, please let us know who you are below.


You’ve taken the first step to joining the Torrch community. Our team is working really hard to finish the mobile app and will have it out to you soon.  We will certainly make sure to keep you informed as we get closer to the launch of our app.

God bless!