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Cash Money

Should The Church Talk About Finances?

No one likes to talk about finances. It can be uncomfortable and is overall viewed as a taboo subject that you should not bring up at a dinner party. There are many different views and opinions on how you should be handling your finances and every family, couple, or individual has a different system or lack thereof, for doing so.

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Server Systems

Website Hosting for Churches, Non-Profits, and Service Providers

There are a lot of decisions that go into creating and launching a website, even if you’re a small church or a sole proprietorship. In addition to figuring out the design and features your website will have, there are behind the scenes details that need to be settled. Specifically, you need to decide what it’s built on and where it’s hosted.

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Google on Mobile

Making Sure Your Website Shows Up in Google

Even a simple website takes a fair amount time and effort to bring it to life. Once it’s finally finished, and it’s launched for all of the world to see, you’ll likely be experiencing a surge of joy, pride, and relief.
However, those positive emotions can quickly turn negative if you discover that no one is actually going to your website.

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