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Google on Mobile

Making Sure Your Website Shows Up in Google

Even a simple website takes a fair amount time and effort to bring it to life. Once it’s finally finished, and it’s launched for all of the world to see, you’ll likely be experiencing a surge of joy, pride, and relief.
However, those positive emotions can quickly turn negative if you discover that no one is actually going to your website.

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Praying with Bible
Better Living

How to Incorporate Prayer Into Your Daily Life

If you’re a Christ follower, you know prayer is a part of your walk with God. If you’re not a Christ follower we are happy you are here and hope you can catch a glimpse of how God wants to communicate with you through prayer.

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Easter Resurrection

Is Your Church Ready for Easter Service in 2021?

Easter is often referred to as the Super Bowl for churches. Not only is it the most attended day of the year, but more importantly, it represents the foundation of Christianity. On Easter, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Broken Computer Screen | Website Crash

Why Do Websites Crash? What Can You Do About It?

The big day has come. You’ve spent weeks getting your website ready. You’ve struggled with technical difficulties and last minute changes, but it’s all worth it. Soon, people will be flooding your website, amazed at how beautiful, modern, and intuitive it is. There’s just one problem…the website isn’t showing.

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Ink Pen and Paper Writing

Starting a Blog for Your Service-Based Business

In recent years, it may seem as though the blog craze has died down. After all, with the various social media platforms available, there are plenty of places for people to share their thoughts, ideas, and adventures. However, blogging has actually grown by 12% since 2015.

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