Top 6 Reasons to Build a Mobile App For Your Business

It’s no secret that mobile is the future. It could even be argued that mobile everything is already part of our present. Whether you are conducting business, checking your health records, gaming, or keeping up with friends, you can do it all from a mobile device. 

In 2022, mobile phones generate 60.66% of website traffic, while desktops and tablets are responsible for 39.34%. Not just that, American adults are now spending an average of 3+ hours each day on their mobile devices browsing the internet, and only 2.2 hours on a desktop computer.

No matter the industry, mobile use is increasing by the day. This is all becoming possible through mobile app development.

What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and other hand-held devices. This can include the coding of a native, HTML5, or a hybrid application. 

In addition to the coding process, mobile app development can also include the defining, designing, building, and launching processes of a mobile application. 

With mobile usage climbing day after day and year after year all industries and all types of businesses are rushing to stake their claim in the mobile app market. The benefits of creating a mobile app for your business are huge. But creating a mobile app isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not something you can DIY. In order to successfully launch a mobile app or other software resources for your business you will need to partner with a mobile app developer. 

At Torrch, we are a digital innovation studio. Our team is made up of industry veterans who have crafted custom programs, web applications, mobile software, and everything in-between. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the top 6 reasons you business should build a mobile app. 

1. Increase sales

Ultimately, a mobile app should be designed to help you reach your business goals. More often than not one of these goals will be to increase sales. A well designed and user friendly app will essentially digitize your business and make it readily available and easily accessible to your customer base. 

When it comes to using a mobile app to improve sales, numbers don’t lie: a mobile app is a great sales tool.

Mobile app users tend to view 4.6x more products and spend 2x as much as browsers of mobile websites.Not having a mobile app by now could really be hurting your sales. 

2. Better Customer Experience

It has been found that mobile apps do a much better job of providing a customer with an immersive experience of your brand. It allows your business to add value to your users through multiple mobile app strategies including:

Seamless shopping experience- The purchasing process can be made effortless by using one-click payment options, SMS confirmations, and push notifications.

Personalization- This can be achieved by engaging the user throughout the purchasing process.

Loyalty Perks- loyalty benefits like cashback, discounts, freebies, special promo codes, and flash sales are what make for great customer experience. All of these can be achieved with greater outcomes on a mobile app, encouraging the customer to keep coming back

3. Compete in The Market

In order to compete in the market, it’s likely you will eventually need an app. 65% of all small businesses (including your competitors) have already built a mobile app. Don’t get left behind in an increasingly competitive market. 

4. Direct Marketing Opportunities

While it may feel overwhelming, the more marketing channels you have in your back pocket the better. A mobile app gives you an entirely new marketing channel of people who have already expressed interest in your businesses.

5. More Customer Engagement

Mobile apps allow you to provide more opportunities for customer engagement when compared to a website. This is something customers are looking for. In a mobile app you can do this through incorporating a help desk, feedback or live chat feature within your mobile app.

These features can make a huge difference in the way your business interacts, connects and communicates with the customer. A well designed mobile app is a phone, text messaging app, email, and chat box, all rolled into one.

6. Brand recognition

A mobile app can help raise brand awareness. Your mobile app is an empty billboard sign in the hand of your customer. You can spruce it up in any way you please, so make sure that your mobile app is superbly designed, stunning-looking, and well branded.

The more your app gets used and downloaded, the more familiar your brand/products/services will become among your ideal customers.

Bring Your App Idea To Life

If you are ready to jump into the world of mobile apps, web apps, or other software options, our team at Torrch is here to help. We are passionate about helping small businesses realize the benefits of mobile applications and ultimately reach their business goals through software development. 

We’re also as passionate about design as we are about development, which means our end products look as good as they operate.

With Torrch Labs, you can expect a true collaborative experience as we work with you to make your vision a reality.

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