Small Business Website Woes

After years of working with small businesses, churches, and nonprofits to design and optimize their websites, we have seen our fair share of less-than-effective websites. Unfortunately, in today’s digital world having a subpar website just won’t make the cut and could ultimately affect the success of your business. 

As a website design team, we can help you with all the things you should do in order to have a beautiful website that operates efficiently. But right now, let’s look at some of the biggest “DON’TS” when it comes to creating your small business website. 

Non-responsive Website

There are now more mobile users than PC users surfing the web! This means your website must cater to the ease of use of mobile users. Responsive design is the best way to do this. 

Responsive design is a method of coding that considers and adjusts according to screen size. This means your website needs to adjust and optimize your content to look good no matter the screen size.

If your website isn’t responsive on mobile devices you could lose a large portion of your audience. 

Lack of Logos or Branding

An updated logo and cohesive branding will enhance your website greatly. A website will feel dated and disjointed if proper branding isn’t used across the board. Many businesses grow attached to old logos or overlook branding but it is imperative to portray your company online. 

Outdated Design

Nothing will tell a website viewer that you are cheap, out of touch, or outdated like a website that looks like it came right out of the 90s. A website redesign can feel like a big undertaking, but if you know your website needs a redesign, now is the time to do it. Our team of web designers at Torrch can help you bring your website into the right decade. 

Low-quality Content

Design and branding matter, but so does the actual content on your website. You must be thoughtful and focus on quality when choosing what to put on your website. Avoid the following content mistakes:

Cheap Website Hosting

There are many free website hosting services available. We know every business owner wants to save money where they can, but hosting may not be the best place to cut corners. Free website hosting services don’t offer you the reliability you need. If your website is constantly crashing, slow to load, or glitching you will lose business and money in the long run. 

Web Design for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, it’s likely you know a quality website is essential to your success. Our website design team at Torrch knows exactly what it takes to make a high-quality website for small businesses. We want to support you in your goals and growth. Creating a beautiful website will be just the beginning!

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