Website Hosting For Beginners

There are a number of intricacies that go into starting a business. For small business owners, one of the first things they may think about doing is making a website. What you may quickly find is that starting a website is one of those situations that may be easier said than done. 

When you want to start a website, there are a few steps you must take in order to have your presence on the internet. It usually will be a bit of an investment but there are multiple ways you can go about paying for the design and development of your website. Before you even get to designing, however, you need to purchase your domain name and have a website host. 

Today we are going to look at website hosting. 

What is Website Hosting?

Everything on the web must be housed in a web server. This is where a website can store all its files. Website host providers allocate space on their web servers from your website files. Web hosting makes the files that comprise your website including code, image, video, content, and more available for viewing online. 

Fun Fact: Every website you have ever visited is hosted on a server

This means if you want a website you must have a host server, there is no way around it.

The amount of space on a server your website may take depends on the type of hosting. 

There are a few different types of website hosting:

  • Shared hosting- Shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single server, meaning you will share the server with other websites. This is a great option for launching small websites
  • VPS- A virtual private server (VPS)  VPS Hosting simulates the experience of a dedicated server even though you’re still sharing the physical server with other users

These types of hosting services are differentiated by the technology used, the level of management, and the additional services the host may offer.

In simpler terms, web hosting is a lot like renting your space on the internet.

What is a Server?

So now you are probably wondering, what is a server? It’s not a silly question. A server is a computer that connects web users to your website from anywhere around the world. Website hosting providers have these servers and can connect your website to be seen by anyone on the world wide web. Website hosting service providers usually offer plans that can cover hosting needs from small blogs to large international organizations. 

As you can tell, having a reliable web hosting provider is a big deal. Your online presence depends on your hosting provider. There are hundreds of website hosting providers to choose from and choosing the right one will ensure your website is loading quickly and remains reliable for your website visitors. 

What To Look For in a Website Host


If you want your website to be reliable for your visitors then you need a reliable website hosting service. Most free website hosting services will not give the reliability you need. In order to ensure your website operates on reliable servicers with a stable network you should utilize a paid hosting service. 

In order to check a host’s reliability you may want to look at their uptime. Check out their uptime history and see if they have any uptime guarantees. An unreliable server can lead to an unreliable and slow site which can cost you money and business in the long run.


The bandwidth needed to support your site will vary based on the specifics and size of your website. It is important to read and understand bandwidth limitations that may be on your hosting plan. Server providers should be able to help you assess the appropriate bandwidth.

Control Panel Access

Your website hosting account may come with a control panel that will allow you to manage various aspects of your website hosting. This can be beneficial in allowing you to complete simple maintenance tasks without waiting on technical support. These tasks could include managing email addresses, account passwords, and basic server configurations.

Hosting Multiple Domains 

Many people own more than one domain, if you don’t now, you may in the future. It can be convenient for all your domains to be hosted on the same server. For this reason, make sure your host service provider accommodates add-on domains. 


If you want to host email accounts alongside your website, check that your host allows you to set up the email addresses you want on your domain. This will be the difference between reaching your clients or customers from or Which looks more professional to you?

Technical Support

If you’re reading this you are likely a beginner in the world of website hosting. For this reason, server technical support will be incredibly beneficial. Choose a server provider who offers 24/7 technical support to help you over any bumps in the road. 


A quality and reliable web host will come at a cost. There are free options available but oftentimes, you will get what you pay for. A basic website may cost $10-$150 a year to host, depending on the size. Large more complex websites can be $150 and up.

Website Hosting and More!

A Torrch, we simplify the process for you. When we work with you to design and build your business website, we include website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance in your website package. 

When you work with Torrch to create your website, you’ll never be alone in navigating your process of claiming your space on the world wide web. 

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