Creating an Effective “Contact Us” Page on Your Website

Most effective websites start with the same basic website pages. This usually includes a home page, an about page, and any necessary landing pages that pertain to the business. Today, we will be talking about an often-overlooked essential page of your website. The “contact” page. 

Without a contact page, your customer or clients have no way to reach out and ask questions or get more information about your business. 

The good news is, a well-designed Contact page is easy to create!

In this post, we will go over what an effective contact page looks like and how you can create one!

What is a Contact Us Page?

While it may seem self-explanatory, website contact pages can vary greatly. A contact page allows your website users to contact you. Many times these pages will include a form where visitors can ask questions, write feedback, or submit other helpful responses, as well as their own contact information. 

The goal of a contact page is to encourage website visitors to engage with your business. Whether you are wanting to start a conversation or encourage them to complete an action. Contact pages also allow your business to be more accessible and trustworthy, opening a line of communication and conversation between you and your target audience. 

Creating an Effective Contact Page

Whether adding a new contact page to your website or wanting to revamp your current one, applying the following tips or elements to your contact page will help website visitors reach out to you and ultimately help build your business. 

Give Options

You might not know what information to include when building your first Contact Us page, but in general, it’s best to provide a variety of methods for visitors to contact you. This way, you can account for different preferences.

A contact form is one of the best features to add to this page. It enables users to fill out specific fields and quickly send their questions or feedback.

However, some customers may prefer more traditional customer support methods. In cases like these, it’s also essential to list your business email address, phone number, and physical address, if applicable.


It can be tempting to just throw a contact form on your contact page and call it a day. However, you can help encourage customers to contact you by including information about your business, services, or why customers may want to contact you. 

Additionally, ensure that your Contact Us page aligns with your website’s branding. You should use a similar web design approach so that your site has a consistent and personalized look and feel.

Make It Accessible

Your contact page should be easily accessible on your website. The best practice is to make it a part of your main navigation menu. It can also be a good idea to provide contact information and forms in multiple locations on your website. This could include adding to the footer or other landing pages. 

Ultimately, when website visitors don’t have to go through hoops to ask a question, they’ll be more willing to reach out to you.

Don’t Ask for Too Much

When creating a contact form, think carefully about what information you will ask your customer for. Keep things simple. Website visitors often don’t appreciate having to give all their personal information simply to ask a question. 

What is most important for you to know? As long as you get an email or phone number, you have means of following up. It’s not likely you need their home address or other personal information. 

Effective Website design

A well-designed and intentional contact us page is just the start of an effective website. At Torrch, our team of Web design professionals is experienced in optimizing all aspects of your website to support your business goals. 

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