20 Social Media Posts Ideas For Small Businesses

As a business owner, service provider, or church leader you likely already know posting on social media is an important part of your marketing strategy. It is also arguably one of the most overwhelming marketing tools to conquer. 

Much of social media marketing comes down to consistency which leaves many business owners feeling at a loss about what to post on a regular basis. Let us reassure you, you likely don’t need to post on social media every day, but having some sort of consistent content is important. 

If you are feeling in a creative rut with your social media posts for your small business, let us help you get the creative juices flowing.

20 Social Media Posts You Can Post TODAY!

  1. Ask a question– Nothing sparks engagement on your social media platform like asking a question from your audience. This could be gathering feedback on your product or service or something silly and unrelated. 
  2. Create a contest– bring out the competitive side of your followers by creating a competition on your page. This could look like having followers vote between two topics or hosting a “March Madness” themed bracket for your products. 
  3. Host a giveaway- speaking of competition, no competition is complete without a giveaway. Everyone loves free products. Spark online engagement by offering a giveaway when followers perform a certain action such as liking, commenting, or sharing posts. 
  4. Share customer reviews or testimonies- if you have an archive of positive customer reviews and testimonies, sharing these is such an easy way to bring a positive light to your business. 
  5. Behind the scenes– give your followers a look behind the scenes. Give a tour of your offices or facility, or involve them in the planning of an event or product launch. 
  6. Celebrate a milestone or anniversary- Share with your followers when you win a reward or recognition, let them know how many years you have been in business, or shoutout employee anniversaries. 
  7. Blog content- if you are already posting regular blog content, it is easy to reuse and share that content to your social channels. 
  8. New products or company updates- whether your company has a major announcement or new products or services be sure to share these updates on your social media. 
  9. Share videos- videos are always more engaging than any other type of post. Whenever possible make your post in video format. Even better if you can involve your following in live video streaming. 
  10. Humor- Your social post doesn’t always have to be directly related to your business. Bringing any sort of light-hearted humor or entertainment to your page can boost engagement. 

10 more social media post ideas:

  1. Local news
  2. Teach them something
  3. Infographics
  4. Statistics
  5. Industry related stories
  6. Customer/client highlight
  7. coupons/discounts
  8. Events
  9. Inspiration
  10. User-generated content

More For Your Online Presence

We hope this sparks your creativity and boosts your online engagement. For more ideas, and advice regarding your online presence and website content and design, contact our team at Torrch. 

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